I hope you had a nice weekend!  We are loving this weather here in Boston.  The foliage is so pretty and Lucy is so adorable bundled up in warmer clothes.  I find myself taking even more pictures than usual,  except I have no idea what to do with them.  I literally have THOUSANDS.  And since I'm incapable of deleting them, do any of you have any creative ideas of how to store and/or display?  I don't want our apartment to look like a Lucy shrine (it's borderline), and right now all of the photos are sitting in iPhoto creating a time warp where I get lost looking back at her former teeny-tinyness.

I'm considering making a book using Blurb, but haven't quite dedicated the time to figuring that out yet.  What's a mom to do to organize her obsessive sentiment?  Besides clobber you over the head with photos, of course.


LimpyJo said…
I have the same problem! I have thousands of photos (along with dozens of tapes with hours of video) of my girls! I have those nice photo boxes, you know in the pretty colors, so when guests come over they can just go through the physical copies (that I've remembered or had enough money to print out)! I am also going to invest in one of the larger digital photo frames and hang it on the wall! Especially since mine are getting older, it's nice to see those baby photos along with the newer ones....and not have to have a million picture frames cluttering the wall. :)
christina lee said…
what about
you can create calendars and remember each day with a photo!

simple daily scrapbooking!
Amanda said…
This is very old school and also time consuming, but what about the old fashioned photo album? You could pick your faves, develop them and put them in some nice albums that are thin and easy to store. I always love going back and looking at the few albums that I have of my childhood!
I've seen them sold in sets like here :
but of course, that takes time. Since I don't have a child (yet!) I am probably did not give the most mom friendly advice...
Fritzy said…
This pic? Could be the front of a Father's Day Hallmark card. Adore.
Nikki said…
I think I will take all of your suggestions. I really have that many photos.

@KF Thanks Fritzy! That's how I feel when I look at them together all day long. I'm just a gushy Hallmark teary eyed sap. I aspire to be normal someday.

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