Today was my last doctor appointment, 1-day before my C-section. In anticipation of her big 0th birthday, Baby F has been moving around like crazy the last few days... making us wonder if she was doing the unthinkable and turning into the correct position! Nat had a hunch that this might be the case, especially since for us it seems that surprises are the only thing that we can ever expect.

However, she is as breech as breech can be, so we are ON for the C-section tomorrow! Instead of breakfast tomorrow (I can’t eat anything after midnight) I’ll be having an 8:30 a.m. baby delivered sunny-side up. They’re taking her out bum first.

Only a few hours left until go time. Nat and I spent the day running every errand we could possibly think of, which was a great way to spend time together and work out some nervous energy from all of the excitement. Then we walked around the North End in the rain, hitting up every specialty shop for the best cheese, fish, fresh pasta, wine (for cooking), pastries, and goodies for our last dinner as a twosome. Nat made an amazing swordfish piccata – everything from scratch – over some fresh parpadelle, and fig pastries and cannoli’s for dessert.

I am so lucky to have my best friend to share this insanity with... I couldn’t imagine being so happy with anyone else. Our phones are ringing, we are going over our to-do lists, and trying to spend some mellow time together, but we keep finding ourselves staring at each other and laughing at how our lives are about to turn upside down because we are so upside down for our little upside down girl.

Love you, Nat. Love you, Baby F. Can’t wait for all our moments together, starting tomorrow.


CH said…
I am soooooo excited to meet her tonight! Thinking of you both right now - you might be parents as I'm typing this!!! xoxoxoxoxo
mic said…
eeee!! i am bouncing up and down just thinking about you and your little baby F! best of luck today! (can't wait to hear the name!)

and because i probably haven't used enough exclamation points already...

Beth in SF said…
Congrats and good luck :)

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