(Partial) Room Reveal!

I don’t mean to be mysterious or concealing; the fact of the matter is the room is not yet where we want it. And maybe we'll never be done decorating. Wall hangings, door curtain, window curtain, window… all things yet to come. However, the "need to haves" are complete.

Remember when I said I didn't like pink?? Hahahaha.

That hole in the wall behind the crib has a custom window pane on the way (courtesy of Uncle Frank the Builder)... and Gran on the Ferrante side has agreed to make a curtain for the door and window. We intend to hang some things on the wall as well.... We'll update with more pictures when we can.


amy said…
weeeeee! LOVE LOVE LOVES it, nik.

really beautiful and chic and adorable all rolled together.

i think the crib/bedding is my favorite part. SWOON.

lucky baby f!!
Uncle Frank the Builder said…
Wow the room looks great what an awesome job.
You know many times on home projects or any
project for that matter with many steps and stages
of completion we lose site of how much was
accomplished. Take a second and go back to
April 4th 09 post “Bring on the noise” and look how
much you have accomplished. Most folks who only
experience a project like this through blogs
or DYI shows don’t get a full appreciation for the dust,
time, effort, stress and commitment it requires to
complete. Your first loft project which extended
your bedroom area was an effort for conveyance
now this loft extension was an effort of love for
baby F which you and Nat will know for the first time
on Tuesday when you meet her. Congrats on a great
mic said…
little tiny baby hangers for little tiny baby clothes! omg, my heart just exploded!
MacTaggart said…
I just got so excited for you guys! The room is adorable and Baby F will look so cute (and tiny!!) in there.

You guys did an amazing job, can't wait to meet her! IN A WEEK???!!!!!
LHV said…
The room is soooooo cute. I love it!!! I esp love the uber-clean closet and the image of what that closer will look like, oh say, five days after Baby F's arrival :)
Lindsey said…
Beautiful job. I can't wait to see her!

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