Pelvis has left the building.

Oh man. Tomorrow I’m 37 weeks (full term) and my pelvis is really suffering. Physically and emotionally I still feel surprisingly good, but every time I walk or roll over in bed, my pelvic bone feels like it’s going to crack in half. It appears that Baby F has in fact dropped.

I still feel the kicking on my bladder, which makes me think that Friday’s acupuncture treatment didn’t work. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THAT.

My doctor suggested the acupuncture in order to help Baby F turn vertex from her current breeched position. I showed up to the spa-like office not knowing what to expect... I waited for about 10 minutes with no one in sight until she came out of a room alone, along with the smell of marijuana. OK, maybe it wasn’t pot (got a lot of tweets telling me it was the “moxa stick”), so maybe her eyes just happened to be glassy and she just happened to get really close to my face when talking and there just happened to be Cheetos powder on her face. Anyway, I filled out the general health form that asked standard questions like “Do you spit blood?” and “Do you have any problems with food or toes?” I’m thinking that’s a typo, but no, I have no problems with food/toes.

In the room, she tells me there will be no needles involved, only a hot moxa stick, which is this thick incense-like stick that burns like a coal and is used to heat up certain acupuncture points on your body. For breech baby? It’s pinky toes. So there I sat for 45 minutes while she heated up my pinky toes. Left... right... left... right... it kind of burned. I kept jerking my foot away; not exactly a comfortable sensation. Anyway, I asked her about success rate and she said 85% for 2nd pregnancy, no info on 1st pregnancy. And that the baby won’t move during the procedure, but within the next few days if it works. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll come back for a 2nd treatment where she’ll burn my toes again AND stick needles in my head and calves. I said "See you next time", but in my head I replaced "next time" with "NEVER".

However this weekend the baby has been more active than she’s ever been, which made it even harder to sit through the full-day prepared childbirth class Nat and I took on Saturday. Not sure if she’s somersaulting or just whittling my pelvis into oblivion, but the bladder kicking tells me she’s still breech. We’ll know for sure tomorrow when I visit the doc for my HIGH FIVE YOU MADE IT TO FULL TERM appointment.


LHV said…
HIVE FIVE!!! (P)Elvis would be so proud. BTW, next time you go to the acupuncturist, feel free to bring me back some of that sweet moxa.
blondie-lox said…
see, i think it sounds like she's still movin' & flippin' in there. & if she flips, your gonna have to tell her it was all because of a high stick burning lady with the munchies. maybe the baby should just stay breech. ;

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