New trajectory

Yes, my life will soon be filled with new purpose: mother, bringer of new life, ultimate caretaker, teacher, youth entertainment, waste management... but that’s not what I mean.

Have you seen my stomach? Someone mentioned to me during this – my 36th week of pregnancy – that I have “dropped”. I hadn’t noticed until then, but the baby is definitely lower. My stomach now points down instead of having that gravity-defying roundness. I should have picked up on the "dropping" from the clues... Now when I drop food on myself instead of bouncing back up, it launches across the room from the new angle my stomach provides. I’m like a walking M&M shooter.

Baby Center explained that “dropping” is when the baby moves down into your pelvis in preparation for exit. It also referred to it as “lightening”, which is about as accurate as calling pregnancy “emaciation via emotional stability and dessert resistance”.

Other nuances of week 36? My stomach is rock hard and dense and filled with baby. Figures the only time I’ve ever had a rock hard stomach, I am also the girth of a refrigerator. Also, every baby movement is visible from across the room, as I have been told by people who yell things at me like HEY I THINK I SEE A FOOT AND ANKLE STICKING OUT OF YOUR SHIRT.


Juro said…
Nik - If you ever decide to make a career change to stay home w/ baby you could always become a writer. You've been intriguingly expressive since *your* birth! I'm sure she'll bring the same joy you brought me.
Love, Dad

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