Today’s doc appointment confirmed that Baby F is still breech, and more specifically, frank breech. For lack of better picture:

What this means is that A) my experience with pinky toe torture proved not to turn my baby, and B) we have confirmed our c-section... Baby F arrives on JUNE 24!


I have to admit that I’m relieved now that we have a plan, especially becuase that plan allows us to be prepared and have what I will refer to as IBR (instantaneous baby removal) versus hours of painful labor and the possibility of a bunch of people watching as you accidentally make number 2 on the table (real fears revealed). But I’m also realizing that I'm replacing that movie-esque surprise it's time moment with a scene from Dexter.

I see benefits for both: time in labor, time of recovery, freakiness factor (kind of a wash), but of course the only important thing is that she's here healthy and safe. But let me ask you... is there something to be missed when not having a regular delivery?


Lindsey said…
That's my moms birthday!! Its a great day. Congratulations on getting a day. Can't wait to meet her and find out her name!
blondie-lox said…
my daughter changed positions at THE LAST MINUTE! but, she did turn. i was taking prenatal yoga & my instructor gave me some tips... look into yoga techniques. your birth experience will be amazing! if you could get the baby to flip, that would be ideal!! if you can't, do what you think is best & don't be afraid. woman have been giving birth longer than the bible would like us to believe ;) ... that's a long freakin' time! let your body flow. it knows what to do. thousands of years have made sure of that. just wait until your milk comes in! then you really start thinkin'... whoa.

>try laying in the bath tub (even though you whole belly probably sticks out of the water now & gets chilled and then itchy > keep dipping from side to side if you can ;) ) & talk to your baby. say.. please baby, turn around,.. i won't get tense and weird.. i'm ready, go ahead. then totally relax. just an idea.
aimee.s.s. said…
1) You should coin the term IBR
2) Hooray for finally getting to meet Baby F in person...its starting to get odd talking to your belly (just kidding, its really not)

So exciting, I was always jealous of my friends with Summer bdays growing up, they always got to have awesome outdoor pool parties.
Kara said…
Your baby will have the same bday as GFC. Not sure what that means. Do with it what you will.

Also, are you missing anything by going C-section? yes - but only the gross and painful stuff. :-)

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