4 month check-up

Lucy had her 4-month check-up today, which was very exciting since she has changed so much in the 2 months since her last doctor visit. In the beginning, she was going to the doctor twice a week PLUS a visiting nurse 1-2 times per week because of her weight loss and trouble eating. At that time, she was in the 3rd percentile for weight for her age. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s unhealthy though, it just means that 97% of baby girls her age weigh more.

Today our little shrimp weighed in at 14 LBS 3 OZ! Which is the 50th percentile! FIFTIETH! Which is exactly average, and given the scares we had her first few weeks, I couldn’t be happier for her to be exactly, perfectly average. I think I deserve a cupcake or something, since technically I’m still eating for two – and all those pies and enchiladas I’ve been eating have really paid off for the little one. You know, because I eat like that for HER.

And it gets better… she was measured at over 26 inches long which puts her at the 95th percentile for height! We guessed she’d be above average height, because looking at her she is just so obviously long. When she stands up she looks like a little string bean. I asked the nurse if this is any indication of her height as an adult, and she that while they don’t like making that association because there’s really no truth to it, it can be. So not really an answer, but so far it looks like Lucy is going to be tall and skinny. I GUESS WE WON’T BE SHARING CLOTHES AT ANY POINT. But oh we will share shoes, Sasquatch child.

The other measurement they take is head circumference. Lucy’s head is 42 centimeters, which is 75th percentile, and before this visit it was a little less than 50th. Which I think means her complex algorithms mobile and bedtime story of A Brief History Of Time is paying off. If her waifiness doesn’t do it, we’re hoping her extreme intelligence gets Mommy and Daddy an early retirement.

And then, the hard part… two shots and a drink at the end of the appointment. Lu was sleeping from all the activity and OH BOY did she get a rude awakening. Shot in the left leg, shot in the right leg, super sad cries, face turning purple, big tears… I think it’s 10x harder for us just to watch. But all in all, Lucy is a very healthy girl. She impressed the doctor with her alertness and communication skills (or was she just flattering us since Lucy was CLEARLY communicating that she wanted to GET OUT OF THERE?). Either way, we are so happy that she’s a healthy one, and I bet she’s happy no more shots for a while.


That is my girl..............gifted.....
mic said…
yay! glad to hear lucy is healthy. she sounds so perfect!
Priscila said…
oh my gosh she is absolutely beautiful! They do change so much in the first couple months but its good...they get so much cuter!!!

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