Pictures from the Fall Festival

I mentioned in my last post that Lucy went to the Fall Festival on Long Island last weekend for many firsts... First pumpkin, first hayride, first time seeing a bunch of dirty farm animals.  We had such a fun day.  Here are the pictures! 

We met up with Lucy's cousin Sydney for the pig show, then went straight to the pile of hay.  Here's Sydney diving right in:

Aunt Rebecca holding Lucy on the sidelines; we'd lose her in that pile of hay.

Check out that bald spot!

Lucy and Syd holding hands during lunch.

Bundled up and ready for her first hayride!

Me and Lu in the great faux pumpkin patch...

Syd, picking out pumpkins that weigh about 3 Lucys:

Lucy and Nat... and pumpkins...

And did you know you can CLICK TO ENLARGE these pictures to get even more Lucyness???  If you think this is bad, wait until you see how many pictures I'm going to take of Lucy in her Halloween costume...


amy said…
um, i already clicked to enlarge before you told me -- i was HOPING for more lucyness and i was rewarded!

love love love these pics.
lucy is the cutest lil pumpkin ever!! her lil face is so delish - and those ballerina socks!

and you look gorge! are your glasses ray bans?
Edwina said…
Hey there, been reading your blog for a while but never commented.

Have been motivated by the sheer gorgeousness of Lucy - and DAMN she looks like her Mama!

I was a bald baby too. I had a layer of red fuzz until I was about six months old apparently, when I finally started growing actual hair. what a relief for my parents!
nikki said…
Hah I was a bald baby too - I love that Lucy has hair! Although it's thinning/falling out maybe to give way to her not-newborn hair. Unless she keeps shaving it off by rolling her head around like that spot on the back of her head.

And yes, Am - these glasses are Raybans! I've gone nerd!
The Opsahls said…
Lucy is adorable!! Can't wait to see her Halloween costume.

Sophie has the same bald spot...
mic said…
good lawd! these pictures are AMAZING. ugh. my uterus. it wants.

btw, you're one hot mama! loving those glasses! and the scarf! and your life!
Frank said…
Nat the Man you are truly a Dad,
I love it.

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