It's the little things...

The most amazing thing happened just now… Lucy was sleeping in her crib and woke up and started fussing a little… AND THEN SHE PUT HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP. All by herself! This is a first. An awesome awesome first. Ohhhh my girl is so good.

On another note, she has also started taking a liking to her Bumbo (only under close supervision of course, because I know there have been issues of babies toppling out of their Bumbos). Lucy loves sitting up and standing and HATES being held horizontally like a baby unless she’s sleeping, so we figured she’d like the feeling of sitting up on her own, Bumbo-style.

It positions her in such a way that her feet are her focal point and within her reach… it was so funny watching her trying to catch them as they wiggled in her minty green socks as if they were two little toads that would get away. I think she thinks they are accessories to the chair since she hasn’t “found her feet” yet, nor has she given them any notice when not in the Bumbo.

Also, seeing her in the Bumbo is the cutest thing ever. She’s like a TINY GIRL! SITTING DOWN! Oh, it doesn’t take much to amuse me… In the pictures, you’ll notice a vitamin stain on her shirt and a scratch under her eye – I try filing her nails almost daily but regardless of how short they are, she still manages to claw herself. And I need to vacuum. Anyway.


amy said…
goooooo lucy!! maybe she can come over and teach robaby a thing or two about falling back asleep in a few months??

okay but srsly

a) her complexion is gorrrrrgeous.
b) HER EYES are insanely beautiful.
c) omg she looks so much like nat.
Nikki said…
i know, she does totally look like nat. completely unfair seeing as he just gave me some ingredients and i BAKED her for 9 full months... but i wouldn't have it any other way!
Oh my God.................adorable, printing all the pics.


Dad Vinnie

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