You looking for me?

Google Analytics can’t tell me who is reading (don’t worry, you’re still anonymous), but it can tell me what people search in Google that leads them to click over to this blog. The vast majority of searches are actually looking for the blog, for example “the bra factory” has been searched 718 times leading people here, and other variations like “bra factory blog” and “bra factory mukai” are up there, too. The third most searched term is “Nikki Mukai Zicam” which leads me to believe that some of you are looking for that commercial I did a few years back… well search no longer loyal fans (Mom and, well, Mom), here it is!

Some of the things people have Google searched in order to get to this blog are so awesomely amusing, I had to share. Here are some of them, verbatim:

• Bra of the week
• Boob factory
• How to pack bras in a suitcase
• Nikki wall
• “giant fly” commercial pool
• Boobs between stair rail
• Keith Ragu and Keanu Reeves
• “Doogie” sighting
• Aeria last chaos boobage
• All bra cereal
• Boob job a feet
• Bra for boob
• Exercises for baby to come to cervix
• Feels like baby hitting pelvis
• Keep a car bra from lofting
• Lindsay Vasadi has a baby
• Moths in cornflakes
• Rat fink bra
• Signs you’re ready for a bra
• Vintage retro boobs wallpaper
• When I bend over a sink I get Charlie horse cramps (my favorite)

And some were a tad bit pervy, so to all of you boob-loving Google searchers out there who got here by accident, how very sorry I am to disappoint you. Perhaps I should start nonchalantly SUPER DUPER BOOBIE PICS working in highly searched phrases ANGELINA JOLIE NAKED to drive up traffic to the blog MILEY CYRUS MILEY CYRUS MILEEEYYY CYRUSSS!!!


Erica M. said…
How come I you are only NOW just posting this Zicam commercial? I would have that play every time someone visited your site. How'd ya score that gig?
Simone Howell said…
Just found your blog thru Mia Joie...your daughter is so beautiful and you writing to her is so sweet. I'll be visiting often to see what's up with the boobs in the factory! Love it!
Beth in SF said…
haha I remember that commercial

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