Love, courtesy of C. Columbus.

Yesterday was Monday and I spent the day in stretchy pants, sitting on my couch, no nanny, unfortunately no husband (Nat had to work), and it was just me and Lucy. Just like when I was on maternity leave. Daytime television and Lucy sleeping on my chest. Watching her little back rise and fall with each breath and occasional snore over that big round head resting on my collarbone while she clutches my sleeve in her hand… it’s the most wonderful thing in this world. I want to take that moment and put it in the freezer so I can break of little pieces and enjoy them forever. Yesterday, I was Christopher Columbus’ biggest fan.

Being a long weekend and my sister’s birthday, us Ferrante’s went to New York for the weekend. We drove down Friday night and took the ferry… Lucy was great in the car and was awake and adorable on the ferry and attracting a lot of attention from people walking by. If babies are chick magnets for men, they’re freak magnets for women. Some individual of questionable gender walked by us at least 6 times ogling Lucy, getting a little closer each time, at one point telling me he or she has “missed the mark on having kids” so they’re just going to stare at mine… Um, please go away, Pat.

Saturday we went to a fall festival where Lucy got her first pumpkin, took her first hayride, and saw a ton of animals along with her cousin Sydney. Saturday night, we took Lucy for her first trip into Manhattan for dinner with my family for my sister’s birthday. Usually we take a reservation on the earlier side with Lucy, but we had a normal Saturday night reservation time, so I was a little nervous that Lucy might scream and disrupt all the hip patrons who certainly don’t have kids at the restaurant and oh the GLARES I would get… but she was really well behaved and I wasn’t hit with rotten tomatoes nor did I have any drinks thrown in my face. Our philosophy is that we will still do our normal thing, Lucy included, and if we are late, then we’re late. If we have to leave early, then it’s fine. Better maintain a normal life and bring Lucy along than stay at home all the time and not try. And I have to say, I LOVE Five Points restaurant for accommodating our stroller and 3-month old on a Saturday night. I can’t tell you how many places don’t want to accommodate your stroller. Not to mention Five Points has a great farm fresh menu and everything we ordered from apps to dessert was delicious.

Sunday was SHOPPING where Lucy made out like a bandit. And all impressed with her restaurant behavior, we went out for some great Mexican food at Besito – another place that was really stroller and baby friendly. Now that Lucy is able to grab and play with toys, it’s so easy to take her places because she can be entertained. Get ready for restaurants galore, Lucy! Now if you would only learn how to take a bottle, then you’d really be portable. I wonder what the next table over would appreciate less – a crying baby or a boob?


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