Sorry for the lack of posts!  I really want to blog more, but I just haven't found the time since I have spent the last week breathing into a paper bag.

I will explain at some point, but right now I'm prioritizing precious, elusive sleep.  Let me just say that there have been some nanny issues over here in the Ferrante household.  Long story short, our 3rd nanny - that's right, THIRD - left without giving notice, but thankfully my awesome mom, dad, and husband split the time so Lucy could have a break from being handed off to strangers while I work.  AND LOOK FOR NANNY #4.

Having Lucy be with family was a nice mental break for all of us and the kiddo really enjoyed her week.  It's amazing how much happier she is when with family.  And my dad took a ton of great pictures while he was here...  Like this one, where Lucy was explaining to him how juvenile these child toys are and may she just have the car keys now please.


Look at those gorgeous eyes and lashes - she is going to be such a little heartbreaker, Nikki!

Good luck to you on the nanny re-search, I know what a massive time suck (not to mention emotional drain) it can be - bleh. How are you going about it?
Oh my God, soooooooooooo beautiful..
Like her mom and handsome dad.......
amy said…

she is such a peach, nik. insanely gorgeous and i love all her expressions!

my jaw is dropping over this nanny stuff. my only piece of advice is to look for an older career-nanny; i think they tend to take the gigs more seriously. (i know i didn't get hired a few times b/c of this issue - b/c they could tell i was looking for something "better" like an advertising job, etc.)

hang in there - you WILL find a good one!
mic said…
ugh, love her! i want to dip right into that photo and pick her up and make silly baby noises. i die!
Nikki said…
amy i think you are right... my mom and father in law both suggested the same thing!

#4 started today - not an oldie - but seems to be a goodie! if i need to find #5 *shudder* I think i will look for someone a little older.
Jessica said…
OMG, i really think i might steal her. watch out.

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