Daddy love

We’ve been really good about traveling and taking Lucy to all kinds of places so that we don't fall into recluse, which can be easy to do when home and sweatpants are so comfortable and packing all of Lucy's things can require a lot of forethought.  However, I haven’t been as good about going out without Lucy...

Because she doesn’t take a bottle, I have all kinds of guilt when I leave for stretches of more than 2-3 hours at a time.  She sleeps for long stretches without eating and doesn’t seem to mind so it's not that I think she'll starve, but I know she’ll be upset and frustrated that she’s left in the care of these helpless schmoes and DANGIT THAT GIANT BOOB LADY HAS GONE AND ESCAPED AGAIN. Somebody lock those doors!

At her 4-month check-up, her pediatrician told me to lay off the bottle battle and give myself permission to go out without guilt. If I know she’s going to miss a meal because of it, she’ll be OK and will compensate by eating more when I am home. As long as she’s with safe people in a safe place, she’ll be fine even if she’s a little hungry.

So I have upped the socialness this week, and it’s so nice to be catching up with the buddies. And Lucy has been spending some more one-on-one time with her dad, which they both love. She is totally going to be a daddy’s girl once she’s off the boob and we have a level playing field – the scales are kind of tipped in my favor right now. I mean, who would you choose – the Dad or the one who looks like a giant ham?

Well at least we know who picked her jammies.


Glad to hear about Daddy bonding, I never excelled at that. I am better now I hope. I think you should be a grandparent before you become a parent......Oh, the lessons we can learn.....Miss Lucy Louise


Your Pop Pop
amy said…
Good for you for getting out and about solo! So good for the soul.

Um, I don't think I'm allowed to look at Lucy on this diabetic diet. Tooooooooo sweet ;)

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