Most Thankful

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  We spent our holiday at my Uncle's house that sits on acres of farmland.  Nat was touring the field showing Lucy the neighboring cows, horses, and pigs; not something she gets to see where we live.  We had two straight days of family time, beautiful scenery, and food so good I may have sized myself back into my maternity pants... It was a great Thanksgiving.

And I have more to be thankful for this year than ever.  Mainly on account of these two:

Lucy outside enjoying the fresh air.

And inside warm by the fireplace.


amy said…
sweet baby jeeeeeebus that girl is TO DIE FOR.

i'm especially obsessed with that middle photo. hello baby model??

(p.s. is that hat from baby gap? i almost bought one just like it in minneapolis, but decided my lady wouldn't really need one during san francisco spring time SIGH)
nikki said…
Yes it's from baby gap! I love that store. I could have bought her 10 hats, but settled on 2.

This one is our fav - she's our little Holden Caulfield!
Juro said…
She gets cuter by the MINUTE!! Love the hat. See you guys for dinner this week :)
She is sooooooooooooooo beautiful and looks soooooooooo much like a little girl, prettier and prettier each day, I can not wait to see her in two weeks, and BOND!!!!!!!! Yes, there is a lot to be Thankful For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kellytirman said…
She has the most AMAZING eyelashes - I am so jealous!
Jessica said…
What a beautiful little girl!

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