Professional photos

Lucy had her first professional photos taken by Elle Photography on Monday and I am DYING to show them to you! I just got the proofs today and I can’t stop looking at them. I am so sentimentally attached to every picture of Lucy that I am having memory card issues with every device that can save images, so that's not saying much... But these are really good.

Unfortuantely I can't show them to you because they are all protected.  I got this photo shoot at a great deal from Groupon and didn’t realize that I don’t get to own the digital negatives, but I CAN purchase prints at an astronomical price ($7 for a 4x6 and up from there), so there goes the rest of my salary to buy each one in each size to hoard.

Lucy was really good during the 1-hour shoot. No crying, no blow-outs, and cooperated during the costume changes.  In her room she was smiling like crazy at the camera, but then once we took her outside, she was completely deadpan. The photographer, the nanny, and I were all making crazy noises and jumping up and down trying to get her to smile, but she was just like *blink blink*.

Here are a few that I copied with the watermark so you can see:

I love that munchkin.


mic said…
awwww, what a muffin!!!
amy said…
Dear Lucy,

Watch out. I will eat you if you get too close.



but srsly nik -- she is so freaking cute i could die.
Anonymous said…
Ahhhhhh. can I have one of everything!

Love you Lucy!

Nana Sue
Louise and I and your mom and dad, feel we should get I each, of each pic.


Pop Pop
Those eyelashes... ack! SO gorgeous!! I dare you not to order every single one of those photos!

I think Sylvie and Lucy would be good buds if they were closer - she pulls the same "stone-face ferrante" look when we pull out the big crazy camera ;).
Nikki said…
Hahah! I bet they have planned this using baby ESP.
Fritzy said…
the hat in picture #3, i want. SO freakin adorable.
Juro said…
Do they offer posters??

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