5 months old

Lucy is 5 months old today! Her growth from month 4 to 5 is amazing. It's like she has gone from being a baby to a kid!  (I will look back at this and be like - dude, you don't even KNOW.)

It is so much fun now that Lucy is so playful and interactive. She gets a lot of use out of all of her toys, but her favorite toy?  Her feet.  Kudos on that one, creator of the universe - making FEET a baby's favorite thing to play with.  For example: We were at the doctor this morning and Lucy was getting fussy, so I'm like Lucy, LOOK! And brought her feet up where she could see them.  She was like WHAT! YOU BROUGHT THOSE? and couldn't have been happier that good old Mom remembered to pack them.  Don't say I never did anything for you, Lu.

Other things she has picked up this month include (as pictured below)... sucking on her bottom lip and a love for Rasta music.


mic said…
omg, she is precious. happy 5 months, lucy!

loving the shirt, btw!
Is that the shirt I bought in Northport, should have bought one for each of us......Hair, Hat and All...........
amy said…
love that shirt!!

what a lil hipster that lulu is.

and adorable, too, of course!
haileysummers said…
awww.. babies are so wonderful. they are amazed in any simple things. i like how you interpret her happiness by just showing her feet. it's really funny.

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