Toy tote!

So as I often mention, I am totally addicted to Etsy.  My latest purchase is this adorable fabric storage tote by Sewing Momma.  What a great solution for Lucy's toy messiness!  She has accumulated so many tiny infant toys that are all over the place.  Right now they are all piled in her activity chair.  Not good, not good. 

The imported Japanese fabric is SO SWOONWORTHY; a much more stylish alternative to plastic bins or baskets, right?  Plus I can just throw it in the wash. And the perk is that I'm supporting the business of a stay-at-home mom with 4 kiddos, who creates beautiful and useful items from her love of the craft.  More power to you, Momma. 


Sue said…
Sweet! I love it!

Nanny Sye
amy said…
ooo i really love this.

i kind of want one to keep a bunch of plain onesies/socks etc in, too.

off to shop!
Nikki said…
Ohh I love that idea. I think I might have to order a few of these and just find things to neatly place in them because these totes are so cute. I want all the different fabrics.

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