All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Saturday was the start of Lucy's swimming lessons!  She loves her bath time, so we were excited to get her into a pool.  BATH X100, MINUS THE ANNOYING CLEANING PART.  She'd die.

We finally got her in one of her bathingsuits and cover ups, which have been patiently waiting for this day... snapped a few pics and off we went to the YMCA.  Being a city, we had a little difficulty finding parking, so in true Ferrante fashion we were late.  Sprinting through the doors so Lucy wouldn't miss the whole class (only half an hour) they tell us that it's cancelled!


Oh what love I have for these two.


amy said…
oh no! boo! can't wait to hear how lessons go -- definitely want to do those with the harps.

and HOW CUTE is lucy?@? where's the suit from??
Nikki said…
I know I'm looking forward to this weekend when hopefully we'll a) be on time, and b) get to swim!

We picked up a couple bathingsuits from the GAP! They are so cute... A couple of them were recalled, but Lucy's weren't affected.
amy said…
that baby gap! i can't ever hold myself back in that store. need some suits stat!

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