Today went like this:

Complete last day of work.  SQUEEEEE!
Come home...
... looks left... *no one*
... looks right... *no one*
Eats whatever randomness I find in the kitchen.
Attempts to recap the momentous Last Day Of Work with the indoor fig tree.  No success.
Blogs. <-- and here we are!

Today was my last day at work.

I haven't even had a chance to experience this "no work" thing and already, it's weirding me out.  Maybe because I envisioned my return as Chief Home Officer to be greeted with streamers and high fives from Nat and Lucy being all like YEA!  TEAM FAMILY!  FORGET THAT CORPORATE JOB!  HORRAY!

But Nat and Lu are in New York visiting Lucy's new cousin and my whole team was in Vegas this week for an event, so basically, I left an empty office with a brown paper bag full of over 5 years of accumulated things and office supplies and returned to an empty home.  WOMP WOMP.

I spent the whole last week celebrating with coworkers and friends so I don't know what I'm being so weird about, but I got the lack-of-high-fives blues.  And I'm not even going to count that "high five" with Figgy, because really I could tell he didn't even care.


** DISCLAIMER: I know I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with Lucy.  I am not second guessing the decision one bit.  I have been waking up feeling excited and content!  All is gravy - but this IS a pretty significant change, no?

And I also know that come Sunday night, I'll be singing the opposite tune and rubbing it in y'alls faces with my cocky mirror routine.  (Apparently unemployed people say Y'all).

Whatevs.  I'm just missing the hubs and the babe.  Problem solved though, because I ended up making some fun plans for tonight!  I invited these friendly stray cats in to keep me company, and me and Miss Meowzers and Whisker Me Timbers are going to get back to this rousing episode of Jeopardy.

Whoever took the under on how long it would take me to settle into the crazies sans job, YOU OWE ME A DRINK.


mic said…
**virtual high five!**

congrats, to you and your fam. you're going to be an awesome CHO!
amy said…
ahaha. you make me giggle, lady.

congrats!!! *back flip*

i feel like every time i end a job, it's anti-climactic or awkward.

my last day before biscuit came, i thought i was having a big lunch with the creative department. but my copy edit team is weird and shy and didn't invite anyone else? and so we walked out to lunch and everyone was all "why didn't you invite me??" and i'm all..."sorry?"

good story, me!

MegElizabeth said…
bwahahahha i LOLed more than once reading this. pretty soon you and Figgy will be partying with spaghettah nadle (and the internet will be a better place for it).
Jim said…
Did you at least best Whisker Me Timbers in Jeopardy?
Nikki said…
@Jim - I was dead last, but in my defense I was the only one drunk.
Juro said…
Aw Nik - come chill at the cape until everyone gets home!

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