The elusive family photo

Sorry friends!  I'm terrible at updating the blog lately.  I know, I know.  But big things are coming, big news, lots of updates, etc. etc.  Hang tight.

In the meantime, a story...

Lucy, Nat, and I all get up and start our days at different times.  When we all convened one evening last week, we realized that we were all decked out in lavender.  That's right: IMPROMPTU PURPLE PHOTO SHOOT. 


These photos just make me smile!! Lucy is such a perfect blend of both of you. I just want to eat her up!
amy said…
love it! you guys are way too dang cute.

can't wait to hear the big news! i have a guess but we'll see :)
UMASS91 said…
Too cute. love it!
UMASS91 said…
ok so back to the big news? this is cruel. Please dont say your leaving leaving...i might cry????

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