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So I left that little cliff-hanger last week about having some news. Some of you already know since the deed has been done, and I AM NOT PREGNANT to those of you freaking me out and guessing. (That’s not a baby bump, I just like cheeseburgers.) Truth is, last week I officially gave notice at work and will be assuming the role of Chief Home Officer starting June 1!

*Momentary break for tap-dancing, clapping, and kicking-up of heels*

Our nanny gave notice for the end of May, and the stress of finding someone we can trust AND fighting the battle of scheduling flexibility with my employer while building trust and adjusting to this person has put us through the ringer. (This is not our first time.) So Nat and I decided that it was time for me to assume the all-important Stay At Home role.

I AM SO EXCITED. We had talked about this before, but now it finally feels like the right time. And I get to enjoy Lucy’s babyness before it fades away. Not to mention, IT’S SUMMER, so our days will be filled with fun outdoor things! LUCKY LUCKY MOM AM I.

But despite my SQUEEEE!-ing, there is some nervousness about this new responsibility. Will I get used to the fact that I’m no longer contributing any income? Will I lose my professional edge? Will I be different when a large part of how I’ve always identified myself is gone?  WILL I START WEARING PLEATED HIGH-WASTED JEANS AND COMFORTABLE SHOES???

That said, I know Chief Home Officer may be the most challenging and stimulating job there is. But with it comes the biggest payoff. I get to contribute to the most important part of life! (And hopefully get a tan while doing it? Neener neener.)


Jim said…
But most important, Lucy is wearing the Brooklyn onesie (t-shirt?) that Michaela bought her!
Nikki said…
@Jim, Yes, Lucy LOVES that onesie!!!!!!!! She loves rocking it on sunny days! Coolest.
mic said…
eeeee! i'm psyched for you and Lucy!

annnnd so psyched about the Brooklyn onesie!
Congratulations! I'm supremely jealous... You'll have a ball :-)
amy said…
lalallalal YEYYEYEYEYS.

i will stalk you, fellow CHO.

"what are you guys doing?"

"what are you guys doing NOW?"

"and NOW?!"

can we haz a cross-country, cyber playgroup??
bwankel said…
ogod at-home mommyhood is the bomb. I would not trade it for anything.
aimee.s.s. said…
I'm fairly certain you will never be wearing high waisted jeans with pleats. But If I do happen to catch a peak of them in any posts, I will come over and slap you silly. No worries ;) Its going to be such a great time for you! Congrats!
Fritzy said…
Maybe not mom jeans, but DEFINITELY the mom translator.

Congrats NF! Can't wait to see you for burritos & baby Round 2.

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