Pep talk

Lucy typically spends her mornings smiling, giving hugs, snuggling, and sending sunshine out into the universe! (She's talented.)  Today though, she went all cranky pants when I picked up my bag and headed for the door, and wouldn't stop hugging my arm when I tried to stand up and leave.  *heartache!*

Just a little reaffirmation that the right decision has been made...  Happy Friday!


Elisa said…
You totally made the right choice Nikki! So happy for you and your entire family. While we will miss you it just means that we will have to come visit and not to mention - eat Colombian food from El Penol :). Enjoy this time!
Nikki said…
@ ELISA - I'm holding you to that. El Penol for SUUURE. You must teach Lucy how to order Columbian food.

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