Babies beware

I think my little girl has a mean streak.

Lucy: UH OH!  UH OH!  *shake shake*


Obviously she was just trying to warn the babies that it wasn't safe to be riding in the stroller together. Right? Right???

Trish said…
Bryden has a baby that if you put a bottle in her mouth and then take it out the baby cries. So she puts the bottle in, takes it out, baby cries, Bryden 'conforts' her by patting her on the back, and then grabbing her feet and smacking her head against the floor. What a good big sister she is going to be.

Lucy is A-dorable!
Nikki said…
Trish, I just LOL'd. Bryden is too funny. Let's get them together for what will undoubtedly be a doll massacre.

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