*Insert sound of whining*

Sick again.  Bleeeeeeeeeehhh.  Wasn't I just sick?  We had a busy weekend with about 40 friends and relatives for Lucy's baptism and I think 3 days of running around and entertaining (and germ sharing?) and little sleeping did us in.  I'll tell you more about the baptism as soon as I can peel myself off this couch. 

Don't worry about Lucy.  Nick Jr. is babysitting.

Tues and Weds, Lucy and I accompanied Nat on a business trip to NYC where we quickly realized we had gotten terrible colds.  Lucy's seems to have cleared up, but today is the worst for me.  No voice.  Swollen throat that feels full of shards of glass.  Head in fog. 

So I'm going to leave you with these pictures of Lucy out at a Japanese restaurant in NYC.  Then I'm going to go lie face down on the floor.  Goodbye.


amy said…
oh nooooes feel better. we had some serious sickness around here this weekend. GO AWAY.

i love her hair! i love her onesie!

i miss you guyyyyyz :(

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