Lucky, lucky mom am I that I get to be thankful every single day.  Mainly for this little turkey I get to spend the days with.  She cooks a mean measuring-cup-full-of-cheerios-stirred-with-a-pen.

Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Love NannY
mic said…
i hope you guys had an awesome holiday!

DO YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE NEVER MET LUCY? gasp! it bums me out.
Anonymous said…
You are so on the money. We do that "go around the table and everyone say something they are thankful for" thing, and for the last 3 thanksgivings? My little man. How can life get better than being a mama?
btw that was me before, but my computer was being a little bee-otch.
amy said…
she is so yummy! and focused! haha.

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