Totally unintentionally, Lucy was almost 17-months old when she was baptized last week, which meant she was definitely the oldest of the six babies in her group.

Which meant she was also the only one who could talk.

Nat and I had bet against her behaving since the mass and baptism were exactly the same time as her nap, but she proved us wrong except for when she started saying loudly "Dada is CUCKOO!!  Dada is CUCKOO!" and then started asking for her favorite show, Pingu.

Then the little one fell asleep and almost, ALMOST was completely unaware that she was being baptized, until she was woken up by water pouring onto her hair and even then cried only a little given the rude awakening.

Since she loves being the center of attention, the rest of the day was a blast.  We had all kinds of family and friends over for a party afterward, and since the Jets were playing and a lot of our family and friends are from New York, there was lots of cheering.  Lucy, of course, thought the cheering was for her and would stand on a chair and cheer and wave and thank them for their applause.

I don't think our girl could have had more fun.


LimpyJo said…
What a wonderful day celebrating your little one! And, OH! is she just beautiful!
Anonymous said…
We had an awesome time!

Love Nanny Sue and Jim
MegElizabeth said…
So cute! Her hair is getting SO LONG and SO CURLY! I'm jealous of the curls. (And she has more hair than me, I'm sure, considering how thin mine is, so I'm jealous of that too.)
Brooke Kotsonis said…
Where did you get her fab dress? We're baptizing Miss S next month and we're looking for something just like it.

Lucy is our fashion inspiration! :)
Nikki said…

We got Lucy's dress (and hairpiece) on Etsy, of course! And everything else Lucy has pretty much.

She shipped it right away and it was perfect! Can't wait to see pics of Sylvie in her dress!!
Brooke Kotsonis said…
How adorable - that totally tops anything I've seen in the stores - THANK YOU!!!! :)

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