We are jumping the gun a little bit here, but the girl is capable of asking a babysitter for a diaper change so the real thing can't be too far off.  No real expectations yet; we're just trying to get the two acquainted.

(To be honest, I'm not too keen on potty training just yet.  It will surely result in a lot more work for me and diaper changes are such a cinch.)

I first introduced Lucy to the potty right before bath time.  She was already naked, so I figured I'd tell her what it is and let her sit on it.  She IMMEDIATELY hopped right off and hugged me while fake crying, so I agreed we'd try it out another time.

On to bath time, Lucy's favorite. I put her in the tub and before I could even turn on the water and hand her the toys...

"Pee peeee!"  Of course she peed in the tub, called it by name, and pointed to the pee on its way down the drain.



Amanda said…
haha that's great! Well not so much for you. Girls are pretty easy to potty train, I bet that little smartie will pick it up in no time!
Haha yep that sounds about right.

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