Week 20 starts tomorrow, so seeing that this bun is *ALMOST* exactly half-baked... I thought it time for a bumpdate!

Here's me. Yup that's a pregnant lady.


mic said…
you look adorable! and i love that cardigan/sweater in a major way.
amy said…
i second michaela - you look adorbs! your skin's all glowy and lurve the outfit.

yay for bump pics!!
Nat said…
I'm so lucky to have SUCH a BEAUTIFUL wife!
vferra0927 said…
Ditto to Nat's comment, you look even more beautiful, we are sooooooooo excited.

Love, Vinnie and Louise (Dad and Mom)
k. mukai said…
now your bump looks like mine!! except it's much prettier on you because yours is a baby and mine is enchiladas. <33

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