Hopefully she won’t grow up and work at Hooters

We're decorating her room in flower patterns with owl accents, since to me owls are observant and smart and represent reading and education... and are so cute in a vintagey sort of way. I’m very picky about the owls we’re bringing into her room since there’s a fine line between adorable and frightening when it comes to owls. For example:

Adorable - like the Etsy owl which is currently en route to our loft:

Frightening - like why does this exist:

This past weekend we were in New York picking out baby furniture (Success! And many thanks to Gran and Pop-Pop Ferrante!) and I saw these Robeez that obviously I had to buy:

I swore I wouldn’t pink-princess her out since that’s not really my or her style, but pretty much everything for girls is pink. The bedding I have my eye on is brown and pink, so I think that may be the color scheme we’re going for… but nothing too matchy matchy. When bought, I’ll post.

Now I just need to get her ROOM of her own to decorate...


Amy Cowan said…
holy shit that's hilarious - "like why does this exist" ahahha

i LOVE pink and brown as a combo. so chic and timeless. and the owl idea is adorable.

i'll keep my eyes peeled for cute owls!
k. mukai said…
All baby clothes are either pink or blue or explicitly state the sex of the baby ("mommy's girl!")

Otherwise people wouldn't know to say OH MY GOD WHAT A CUTE LITTLE (thing? tiny human? squishy lump?) ...GIRL!
n-mukai said…
So true. I just bought her a onesie by Gerber that has a sequin and studded blank and pink skull and crossbones. You'll die.
k. mukai said…
sequins AND studs?! where do i get one?
n-mukai said…
Gerber, if you don't mind a few snaps under the crotchal-region.

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