News, news, news.

I was going to wait to post about the events of the day until I had a chance to catch up with Nat, but the hell with it. That’s what he gets for leaving me and hopping on a plane to go visit clients and make money to support our family while I’m left to my own devices for dinner. For all he knows could be existing on fish food and drinking out of the toilet for the next few days. Bastard.

Anyway, I had an appointment with the doctor today that I HOPE will be the one delivering the baby. They work in teams of 4 and basically you get who you get when you go into labor, but this woman is seriously awesome – youngish and spunky and really relatable. She also likes to shoot the shit (Danielle – Dr. G says hello!).

The baby’s heartbeat is healthy and we heard her moving around in there... My weight is healthy too – I’m at 1** up from 1**, so total gain is almost **. (Yea right guys! It’s confidential.) The best news is that she told me I do NOT have placenta previa, which I was told I had following the ultrasound, but instead I have a “low-lying placenta” which will resolve itself so I have nothing to worry about. Apparently only in Massachusetts do they even report these things, and anywhere else I’d be considered “normal” and risk-free. Nonetheless, I get the free 2nd ultrasound, but no problems. Not too shabby.

After the doc, I went to the Social Security office and changed my name! Finally and officially, I am a Ferrante. Had to do it before baby F got here and beat me to the punch.

And in OTHER news... Whoa-ho-ho-ho – there is something INSANE on CNN right now... Did you hear about this woman who raised a chimpanzee and treated it like a little person, to finally have to stab it to death yesterday in order to stop it from spontaneously MAULING her friend's face???? Please add this to the list of reasons why I hate monkeys. Just below the fact that they’re dirty hairy clothesless people with no morals, who touch things and don’t know what they’re touching.


k. mukai said…
I thought they shot the monkey-person! But then again, I get my news from taxi TV which is at the bottom of the credibility list, just about fox news.
n-mukai said…
Yea i'm pretty sure they stabbed it with a kitchen knife... i'd trust CNN more than taxi Tv, but you never know. CNN also said they would brush the monkey's teeth, let him dress himself, and that he could log on to the computer.

I think this monkey was just sick of doing homework and pretending it was a real boy.
n-mukai said…
OK so turns out monkey was stabbed AND shot i think.
k. mukai said…
Holy F someone turn this into a Die Hard movie

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