Things for you to waste more of your hard-earned money on, here in this recession.

So I have this idea. I don’t really like to blog on the weekends because y’all don’t read it. Plus my brain checks out on nights and weekends, so I really can’t commit to a few paragraphs while I’m expending all my available energy changing the landscape of the couch. So I’m going to try this idea out and see how I feel about it.

You know how I become crazy over certain products and push them on people? I’m sort of like your real life Billy Mays (you know, of ShamWow fame). My friends, people who sit around me at work – they’re all using the stuff I use because I force it on them whether they like it or not. So much so in fact, that Zicam Cold Remedy got wind of me a few years back and let me do my thing on a national tv commercial, radio spot, and on their Web site:

Hey, any chance to relive my 15 minutes of lame, I will take. And yes, I do love birthdays.

So my weekend post is now going to be ME pushing on YOU some kind of product or good that you may or may not need, but is either deemed awesome or adorable by me. And with that, I reveal the first Nikpick! (REALLY lame name I know, but as I mentioned... brain - flatlining - couch...)

Planet Earth DVD Set at the Discovery Channel Store

I ordered this a few weeks back and just started watching it yesterday. If you love the Discovery Channel on HD as much as I do, then YES you'll love this DVD. It won four Emmys and is one of Oprah's Fav Things, so you can trust it's pretty darn good. I have only watched 2 segments of the first DVD, but I'm telling you - if for nothing else, do it for Vampyroteuthus, the "vampire squid from hell"!

Makes me want to break out the old rocket and nature t-shirts from the 4th grade.


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