Busy Days.

Ooookayyy so I finally have a moment to sit down and put my feet up, and it’s already past my bedtime. Little Peach and I are pretty tired – today was a long and busy day at work, followed by a trip to the tailor to pick up my newly hemmed maternity jeans (comfort! finally!), and then off to pick up the hubs from work and hit it to Arlington for dinner at Flora with my dad and my grandmother before she flies back to Tokyo in a few days.

It was great seeing Obachan; every time I see her I realize how little I know about that side of the family and how much I wish I knew. She was telling me about some cravings she had when she was pregnant... with my dad it was ramen, ramen, ramen. With my uncle Shizuo it was tea and bacon, but at that time she was on the countryside and you could only get bacon in Tokyo. With my aunt Chihiro it was sweet beans.

I also asked Obachan for the names of people in our family tree, since I would like one of our children to have a Japanese name, be it first or middle. However we’re pretty sure we’ve settled the name game for Little Peach, and we’re keeping it a secret until she’s here... not a Japanese name this time!

So, let’s see... what have I not filled you in on in the last few days. Tuesday, I entered week 19 – 1 more week until the halfway point! WTE compared the baby this week to “a mango covered with cheese” so I immediately stopped reading. This is getting ridiculous, WTE. But what I can tell you is I feel the baby moving just slightly now. It feels like tiny poking from the inside (but backwards, so more like pulling?) and little rippling movements. I heard it feels like butterflies, but I’m not identifying with that one.

This strange trip keeps evolving... I feel more of a connection with her now that I’ve seen her and can feel her moving! I can’t imagine the next 21 weeks and how they will blow my mind... Not to mention when she's finally here.


amy said…
A mango covered in cheese??? They couldn't come up with something better than a fruit covered in a dairy product?? Completely f'd up.

In other news - I want a cyber fashion show of your new hot mama clothes!
n-mukai said…
I know, so strange right? They actually had a good reason for saying she's "covered with cheese", but I won't get into it. I'll save you some cringes for when you have your first.

And I've been meaning to do a bumpdate! And I'll wear clothes for it....

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