Anticipating movement...

With Lucy getting so close to crawling, I'm having some mixed emotions...  Of course I'm excited for her because she is ALMOST able to quench that insatiable desire for mobility that has her scooting like a little scorpion (see exhibit A of Lucy scooting with a leg curled almost over her head). 

However.  I am kind of nervous about the amount of baby proofing that needs to be done.  Our nanny reminded me today that we still have outlets left uncovered and a pile of wires left in a tangle under our TV.  Needless to say she sent me into a panic: MEG, IS THE DVR OK????  Not to worry guys, it's fine.  Talk about your heart jumping out of your throat!

Even more scary than that (if you can comprehend) is the loft extension we built with aesthetic in mind, not a baby.  The upstairs looks out onto the first floor with only an open railing and open stairs, so even if she's not allowed on the ground upstairs AND we gated the stairs at the bottom, she could still get through and get stuck.  See exhibits B and C below:

Now, Lucy is NEVER left to her own devices on the floor.  We're always right by her side, so the risk of injury is very low.  But once she can crawl, I'm assuming it will be the equivalent of her being able to teleport to other locations without warning.  *ZING* up the stairs...  *ZING* sliding down the banister...  *ZING* practicing hibachi with our kitchen knives (which I won't mind if she can throw a shrimp into the top of her chef hat because I LOVE THAT!)  Anyway, I can't handle this.  We must move.

And the verdict?  Move we must.  The hubs and I have decided it is time to sell our lovely loft in the bra factory and move to a one-story apartment with padded walls and only inflatable furniture!  Wish us luck!


andrea said…
Hi! I found your blog through TopBabyBlogs and have been "following" for a while so I thought I'd come out of the closet and say hi. I hear ya' about having to move. We live in a 5 (!) storey townhouse and when our baby started crawling a few months back, we had the same realization as you... it's just not do-able. I cant' believe we actually thought we could pull it off. Anyway, good luck house-hunting! xxo
I really want you to move to NYC, like now. But, you could put fiber glass or netting on the steps and along the railing. I have seen both in homes. Don't stress about baby proofing. It really takes less than an hour, as long as you have your supplies, which they sell on Lots of luck!
why did my comment post under, mylifeinpictures?!?
who is that?
Nikki said…
i don't know, but more importantly... WHO ARE YOU??
Beth in SF said…
Wowza, I wish we lived in Boston, you can barely get a closet in San Francisco for that price, let alone a totally smokin' loft! Good luck on the move, we've yet to attempt that with a kiddo. And I know you guys loved that place, but probably a good decision for all.
amy said…
omg i SO HEAR you. of course harps is like eons away from crawling, but we're 12 stories up with a balcony and sliding doors and holy christ! whether clay knows it or not, we are NOT LIVING HERE once she can move!

sending you lots of happy sell-your-pad vibes!!
Nikki said…
dude Harps is not eons away from crawling. it comes in an instant!
Cindy said…
My baby fell down the stairs the other day and it was soooo scary!

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