I'm right on top of that, Rose!

I am a list and goals person.  If you ask me to do something for you, one of my eyebrows will likely assume a hostile pointy shape and shoot to the top of my forehead.  However if you write a list of to-do's on a fresh white sheet of paper with a fresh highlighter next to it and leave it in my path - FORGET IT.  Consider that shit DONE! 

I'm always working on a long list of professional to-do's (I work in events and run 70+ corporate events per year), not to mention to-do's for home (even more so now that we're trying to sell our place), and constantly working on lists for Lucy: all things to buy and do for her safety and happiness.  However I am rarely working on personal goals... So I'm using this opportunity to organize some goals for myself and pencil them down.  This opportunity being New Year's Resolutions, um, just a tad bit late? 

My mental list is about a mile long, but I have decided to focus on four important NYR's:

  • Get back to pre-baby weight. I had gained a total of 42 lbs the day before Lucy was born. That includes Lucy and the “extras” (come on now, I could have been SO MUCH MORE VULGAR right there). But they say you only lose 10-15 lbs the day you give birth. So there was a good 25 lbs of pure fat on me, which pretty much melted away without any special effort. The last 8 lbs though… time to go.
    • Exercise
    • Make healthy food choices
  • Be rested. I have this terrible habit of staying up very late.  Like until 1 or 2 in the morning almost every night when I get up at 6 during the week and 7 on the weekends.  Even after Lucy’s bottles are made for the next day, the laundry is done, the kitchen is clean… I’m usually up doing non-imperatives (blogging, ahem) and I think it stems from the feeling of not having enough hours in a day.  It feels like an odd form of procrastination.
    • Be in bed by 11:30.  Clearly this one will have to start tomorrow.
  • Cut losses.  Because time is more precious to me now than ever.  No reason to waste it doing things that are not important to me.
  • And finally... Stop dressing like an ass hole. Partly because my pre-baby clothes don’t fit quite right, my outfits have been largely experimental. And largely NOT GOOD.  And largely LARGE.  GTFO frumpapotamus.
I imagine a lot of moms focus heavily on family, work, and obligations and lose sight of the importance of a little selfishness. So hopefully with a little extra planning I'll be able to take these steps in the right direction.  OR.... you may see me plump, tired, and dressed like a buffoon.

P.S. - Clown Dogs for you if you get the title reference.


Fritzy said…
Did you hear me snort? Yep, totally just read the "dress like an asshole" comment. Hilarious. And for the record, your clothing choices still look fabulous! Just please don't wear mom jeans, ever.
Jim said…
Is it a Golden Girls reference?
There's another handy quote, from Rose in fact: "Don't feel overwhelmed, just do one thing at a time!" Ah, the zen of completely cheesy '80s movies....
mic said…
i find it impossible to believe that you're not wearing insanley stylish, unique, fun outfits. IMPOSSIBLE. you = hot mama.

amy said…
don't tell mom the babysitter's dead! deep love for that movie.

omg i'm so with you on the last one. my clothes are so iffy right now. let's try and hold each other accountable, ay?

"amy, could a man wear your outfit today?" etc.

(WHICH REMINDS ME: remember in hs when we fought over who looked more like a man?!?! i'm pretty sure neither one of us??)
Nikki said…
YES brooke and amy! You are correct! I love that movie. Maybe my next baby will be named Swell.

and AMY... a) I'm sure you look great. You always manage to, even if you're not trying.

b) obviously I look more like a man. apparently we are still fighting over this (unless you agree). I am ralph macchio with long hair.
aimee.s.s. said…
'I'm right on top of that Rose' is my general response anytime the hubby requests household chores to be done. LOVE.

SECONDLY -- um, if you are a frumpapotamus; I am in some serious trouble.

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