Watch and learn

Just last night, I realized Lucy was eyeing a low shelf where we keep a 2nd set of silverware and ONE SECOND LATER, she’s right there with a spoon in one hand and a grapefruit knife in the other. But, no problem I say! There’s an easy solution! Just move it behind the sliding door in the credenza. Done and baby proofed!


The next thing I know, Lucy is using the handle to slide open the credenza door and proceeds to the silverware. Wait a minute, Lucy can open the credenza? Um… Cue that scene in Jurassic Park when they realize the velociraptors are learning...  THEY'RE TESTING THE FENCE! NO ONE IS SAFE!

So I guess she’s not just imitating and retaining what we INTEND for her to learn. Like with her toys, we show her how to use it once and then she can do it herself and we’re proud. So I guess now there’s this new accountability to be “baby appropriate”, since apparently SHE’S WATCHING US. But I don’t know why I’m surprised, because she’s been burping and DVRing trashy reality TV since day 1.

No really.  Remember how I said she roars?  In truth, that's a euphamism for fake burping. When she’d burp after a bottle we’d be like YAY! YOU DID IT! So now she does it just for kicks. POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT FAIL.

So anyway – a note to visitors: Please watch your language and your actions. LUCY WILL CALL YOU OUT.


Anonymous said…
Should I watch my jewelry and my wallet, or the keys to the car, I can just see it, Lucy buzzing around in my BMW convertible....go girl....
Pop Pop

It is ok Lucy girl, you and I are going to have a ball when Pop Pop babysits for you.

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