Serious safety measures

I am not doing the best with my resolutions so far, but have made some progress, and some is better than none, so I'm happy with it. The weekend was GORGEOUS so Nat, Lucy, and I walked around pretty much the entire city shopping and reminding Lucy that Planet Earth is actually somewhat decent when the sun is shining. Exercise = CHECK.

After walking miles and miles, we came home and cooked ourselves a healthy dinner with the music on and the windows open. Eating healthy = CHECK. And we were pretty beat, so I actually went to bed at 11! Reasonable bedtime = CHECK. We each got some new clothes (Lucy got a couple bathing suits), so EFFORT TO NOT DRESS LIKE ASS HOLE = CHECK.

But that’s all boring. I realized I had not updated the interwebs with this information:

LUCY IS LEGIT CRAWLING. And in the couple of weeks that I have neglected to update you with that information, she has also learned how to pull herself up to a standing position and either a) let go and stand unassisted, or b) walk while using her arms to hold herself up. She has also learned to wave goodbye, feed herself (puffs), and I swear this morning she started saying “ba-ba” for her bottle!

So I was talking to my mom and told her about our little crawler, and before she got excited she said YOU CANNOT LET THAT GIRL UPSTAIRS. And I was like, I DO NOT LET THAT GIRL UPSTAIRS. Because remember, we’ve got that death-trap cliff that hangs over a bed of spikes. It’s less than safe. But whatever Mom! We’re putting a giant trampoline under the overhang AND attaching a little parachute to the back of her diaper for extra safety. We have also put a cover over our pool of man-eating sharks, and that trail of lollypops leading into the highway?  SHE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE THOSE!


Anonymous said…
Bubble Wrap.....


Pop Pop
Anonymous said…
UMMM..... once a mom always a Mom. OK I might be over the top But that's because I LOVE YOU!

Mom aka Nana
amy said…
ahahaha parachute on the dipe! i'm totally doing that, doode.

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