Nine months

Little Lucy!  It is absolutely amazing to me that up until now, the amount of time you spent growing in my belly was greater than the amount of time I have been holding you in my arms, smelling your delicious head, and learning from you the importance of every. single. fleeting. moment.

You grow so fast, but thankfully each new stage of your life becomes my new favorite.  I am mush for those quiet moments when you want to cuddle up on my lap and read a book together.  And when you nuzzle your nose into my shoulder right before you go to sleep, and all of a sudden I'd rather hold you all night than get a wink of sleep for myself.

But at this age - let's just say not all of the moments are quiet.  Like when your dad indulges you in screaming contests... Or when you are so active that changing your diaper results in me getting a phone call about poop on the curtains.  THE CURTAINS, LUCY.  HOW.

And yes, that's Lucy standing up like it's no bigs.


Juro said…
She's such a sweetie :)
Anonymous said…
Hi, Lucy HAPPY MINI BIRTHDAY.....POP POP can't wait to babysit for you, we are going to do so many fun things, see the boats, go to the park, feed the fish, and the dogs, go for car rides, with the roof down (oh, just kidding about roof down) I can't wait

Pop Pop
Lindsey said…
Ahh the magic door! In a very short time you will start hearing those sounds in your sleep. Izzy loved that thing and it looks like Lucy does too. Happy 8 Month Birthday Little Lucy.
amy said…
holy standing up!!!!!!!!!

love love love that lulu. <3
kellytirman said…
Wow! I can't believe how big she has gotten

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