Good Monday Morning!

Don't be fooled, that was said through hideously gnashed teeth since this particular Monday is not bringing the best of things into the Ferrante household.  This horrendeous storm has found its way inside our apartment through a series of holes above the window... So I'm at home from work today trying to solve this and spin the waterfall in the living room as a fun activity for Lucy and the nanny.  And this is doubly bad because REMEMBER THIS APARTMENT IS FOR SALE?  Come see!  We just had the living room converted into a luxury shower!

However... I don't know if the sight of this little baby does for your mood what it does for mine, but things could never be too bad with my best girl around.  Last week offered us much sunnier days, and Lucy got to try out the swing with Meg, who as always, took some photos that melted my heart!

And you'll notice: Lucy sprouted her 2nd tooth!  It's the top front tooth, opposite the bottom one that has already sprouted. Think about that configuration... can you say JACK-O-LANTERN?

Oh boy am I looking forward to summer when we can enjoy more time outside with our little pumkin face.


Vincent said…
It is so great that she has the access to the park....... and as always,she gets prettier by the day.


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