2009: The year of THING.

Happy New Year family and friends!!! Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe New Year celebration and got to drink more than I did (which was nothing, obviously!). But don’t think I didn’t have fun… Nat, Thing, and I went to a party at Sarah and John’s place in Bay Village during the snowstorm and Sarah made sure to have virgin wine and sparkling cider for me which was so thoughtful. I felt like a big kid with “wine” in a wine glass! As the drunkies around me raged, the irony occurred to me of my sentence to virgin mocktails now that I’m knocked up…

Guess what else happened this week… I entered my second trimester! That means a mere 6 months to go before this blog goes from preg-talk to baby talk! Are you freaking as much as I’m freaking about this?!

Whattoexpect.com told me that this week Thing is the size of a clenched fist. I keep clenching my fist and looking down at it too! A clenched fist seems kind of angry though – not as cute as the previous olive, prune, and peach analogies. I don’t like having graduated past fruit; I may write back and suggest that week 14 be “avocado week” or “two scoops if ice cream” week. I’m afraid next week will be “open hand slapping you in the face week” or “clenched fist with middle finger extended week” or maybe even "dropping a gang sign week”. To lighten it up, I was thinking about drawing a little happy face on my fist, but as I kept reading WTE also mentioned that this week Thing gets covered with tiny hairs to maintain body heat before it has body fat and I got kind of grossed out. We had some requests to call it something other than Thing, but I think the only other alternative at this point is Fist Monkey. So I’m sticking with Thing and you should too.

Some good news about the 2nd trimester: I’m feeling a MILLION times better than I was before. No more extreme nausea (and perhaps no more desperate hormonal blog posts – sorry about that)… I have actually lost count of non-throw-up days. I’m no longer adding prison-like marks on the floor next to the toilet tallying all the days of my 3-month vomiting lockdown. Migraines are waning. I don’t need to eat as crazily as I did before. I feel GOOOOD. Not good like pre-preg, but good like I can leave the house without a plastic baggie in my pocket and sandwiches in my bag!

Therefore, tonight I’m going out! I’m having dinner at Ida’s in the North End followed by a movie with my two best friends and their boyfriends. Nat was going to come too; however we were both socked with New Years colds. Yep – one sickness out, another in. But as Nat worsens, mine cold is staying mild. I think it’s the prenatal vitamins I’m taking… SNAP, you NON PREG! I don’t even need Zicam! Hee hee.


aimee.s.s. said…
glad to hear you are feeling better :) and that you were able to ring in the year of Thing with friends...well friends outside the fish tank :)
amy said…
yay to feeling better!

hope your night out was fun :)

p.s. - didja know i was in a commercial, too? total accident, best thing ever and still somehow getting checks?! not sure you know this, but we're both kind of a big deal.
n-mukai said…
i didn't know! um and YOU are the big deal mrs. residuals... i only got paid one lump sum (small lump)! where can i watch???

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