Must. Power. Down.

I just got socked with a bad case of the tireds. I used to be OK during the day and get tired in the evenings and just fall asleep after work, which I still do (but not until I eat dinner and hang out with Nat for a bit). But my sleeping habits have changed and gotten all weird and it’s making me weird and now I’m falling asleep at work.

I’m going to be really embarrassed if a picture starts floating around of me asleep at my desk, someone tying my shoes together and drawing glasses and a moustache on my face with a sharpie.

Every night recently I’ve been coming home, hanging out with Nat and watching TV on the couch and at some point in the late-evening (but too early for bed time) falling asleep on the couch and staying there and sleeping for hours. Then at some odd hour I wake up and finally crawl into to bed. Nat tries to wake me and have me come up earlier, but for some reason my auto-sleep-defense mode kicks in and does everything to defend my post and stay sleeping on the couch. My main method is denial: I've been lying and saying I’m not sleeping, but in fact intently watching the television program. I don’t know why I thought that would work; he clearly figured it out immediately and started quizzing me like “OK what film just won the golden globe for best picture?”… and I either make up something ridiculous or not answer (because I'm asleep) or get mad that he doesn’t trust me and feels the need to verify. But puffy eyed, drooling, and speaking in tongues - it is clear, I am lying.

Maybe tonight I’ll just send myself to real bed at 7:30 and admit defeat.

Plus sleeping is hard when your whole body feels like a big water balloon and every time you move or rollover, you agitate your sensitive stomach and wake up.

I don’t even know where I’m going with any of this. Except for that I’m sooooo tired and can barely stay awake at my desk. Two more hours to go of propping my eyelids open with toothpicks before I can go to my post on the couch and snooooze. If you’re reading this please call my desk every few minutes to make sure I’m awake.


amy said…
1.) something about falling asleep on the couch to the tv, preggers or not, is so much better than falling asleep in bed.

2.) i'm stopping all commenting until a baby bump picture appears.

n-mukai said…
OK FINE today or tomorrow, you'll have your bump shot.
vferra0927 said…
Looking forward to Friday when we can decide what to call the senor or senorita Paco or Paca Luis or Louisa Yoshi or male counterpart.

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