A day in the tummy.

The actual tummy. (What did you think I meant the womb? A day of what Thing does in there? I have absolutely no clue what Thing does in there. Nor would I like a window.) Continuing with the food theme, today I'm going to list every single thing I consume, as I consume it. I’m curious if there are some major food groups missing, and I know I’m not drinking enough liquids, so this is an attempt to put the pressure on and eat healthy and identify places where I can do better.

It’s also an attempt to see what you see… the non-stop jokes about the amount of food I eat are red-flagging me that I’m a monster. And I imagine it’s only going to get worse! I'm like Animal from the muppets... Yadadadadaaa. Or maybe I should start yelling "FEE FIE FO FUM" when I lumber down the stairs, dust falling from the ceiling onto people's heads as they grab their children and scurry for cover.

I have coined some new terms (breakfast, lunchfast, lunch, linner, dinner...) and my team at work has caught on. The other day when I called in an order to Artu for sandwiches, they did not pass up the opportunity to take a few shots.

Nikki: Hi, can I place an order for take out?
Teammate: Here we go!
Nikki: Do you still have eggplant rollatinis? I don’t see them on the menu… Oh good.
Teammate: I’ll have 10 of those...
Nikki: Um, ONE of those please, and two porchetta paninis…
Teammate: Do you have a vat of pickles? I’ll pay any price. Can you load it in my car?
Nikki: And one veal parm panini. How long?
Team: *giggles*
Nikki: [hangs up.] I will not gratify you by putting down this ice cream and turning around and commenting on that childishness.

So I guess my team has noticed how much I eat. Also, is it me or have I actually changed the stock of the 7-11 next to my office? I swear they doubled their juice and cracker stock since I’ve been buying them out…

Hey I can’t help it if Thing wants! And what baby wants, baby gets. Thing’s Saturday menu:

- 8:00 a.m. pomegranite-blueberry popsicle
- 9:00 a.m. peach ginger tea with honey, fig newtons
- 10:30 a.m. oatmeal with a little sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon
- 1:00 p.m. gouda and triscuts
- 1:45 p.m. spaghetti with salt and pepper, tobasco pickles, glass of water
- 5:30 p.m. cornichons, pink lemonade
- 6:00 p.m. chicken nuggets, chips, pink lemonade
- 8:00 p.m. roasted turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwich on white bread, pasta salad, sausage and broccoli rabe, baked ziti bolognese, glass of water, peach nectar
- 9:30 p.m. mocha fudge ice cream
- 12:30 a.m. pink lemonade

And I'm done for the night! Going to bed happy and with a full belly...


k. mukai said…
I think I eat more like a pregnant lady than you do. I'm on an all burrito diet
n-mukai said…
day's not done sis.... oh man i wish i had a burrito right now.
amy said…
either you're eating too little for a pregnant lady or i'm eating too much for a non-pregnant one...

all of that sounds deeeeeeelish. and very similar to my daily diet. it's like all salt mixed with some tea and oatmeal. perfect!
n-mukai said…
haha let me assure you the quantities are impressive. I was thinking today prob wasn't the best day for this post because i had no food in the house because, well, i ate it all yesterday. but we restocked and then it got more interesting!
aimee.s.s. said…
I kinda feel like this should be an ongoing section of the blog...once or twice a week? It makes me very hungry, hide your pickles! (and no, I'm not pregnant either :) )
Suzanne said…
Hmm Tobasco pickles are those any good?
BTW I love reading your Blog, I think reading it will get me thru until the end of the super long munday :)
n-mukai said…
Thanks Suz!! Tobasco pickles are SOOO GOOD. But I'm a big fan of salty/spicy/vinegary. I think I'm going to go get some pickles now...

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