Doc appointment #3

I had another appointment today with the midwife... Here’s what I learned:

• Gained another 8 lbs, so I’m up a total of 13 lbs from my normal weight!
• New symptoms – heart palpitations, back pain, and headaches – are normal.
• Heard the baby’s heartbeat again – Thing is very healthy at about 150 beats per min.
• She showed me how to feel my uterus by putting my fingers an inch below my belly button and pushing in… a little freaked out that THAT is where my uterus now is.
I have a new due date – June 30! Do the math. Hecho en Mexico... Does anyone know how to say "Thing" in Spanish??
Our next appointment is on Friday the 30th... with the radiologist!

That means we find out if it’s a boy or a girl (if Thing cooperates and shows us)!!! And if it’s developing healthy organs, but mainly if I will be buying mini onesies of Beatles or Blondie!


amy said…
i love that you're using a midwife!! details??

a honeymoon baby is so sweet. :)
MacTaggart said…
how funny. a mexico baby instead of a turks and caicos (sp?) baby! remember all the joking about naming the baby Hannah? I think you may really have to consider it....given the circumstances. LOL
n-mukai said…
The midwife is awesome! I'm not really sure the difference besides she's a nurse that specializes in baby making, but she's awesome and I alternate appointments with her and the doc.

And Jess - we were thinking of naming it Paco.

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