I never got around to making any New Year's Resolutions, but I thought of a couple today that I should keep. Given the timeliness of Monday's holiday and that I'm Asian (but NOT CHINESE - we're not all the same you know. Racist.) I figured I'd call these, "Chinese New Year's Resolutions".

I went out for Chinese at lunch today and said that out loud; the Chinese people around me waiting for a table got a REAL kick out of that one. Really, it was like a Chinese laugh track. Ho'a'a'a'a'a'a.

Anyway I had two good ones... um.

... ?

And with that, my pregnant flaky brain expelled them and I guess I again have no resolutions. Maybe they were personal and I wouldn't have wanted to share them. Maybe my baby detests ambition and goals. I feel like one might have been "stop being frumpy" but I'm really not sure. I'll let you know if the revolving door of my brain ever feeds it back.

Gotta love what hormones do to your brain. I keep finding myself tongue tied at inopportune times, or just replacing words with other completely unrelated words. For example, the intention is to say "contact venue for JTI Event to confirm logistics" and instead I just yell "Cats!" or something.


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