Coincidence? I think not...

This pregnancy is going to be over before I know it! I’m already at week 18 – two weeks away from the halfway point... I’M HALFWAY TO BEING A MOM! Egads....

So I know how much you love learning about the weekly development of the "bun" I'm baking, and likewise what's happening to "the oven", but before I get to it, I have to point something out: Don't you think it's odd that the same week (18) that you can have a sonogram is the same week that your baby actually starts looking like a baby? I'm convinced that it's because who knows how you'll react if you look in there and see a hairy clenched fist with ears on it's neck and eyes all over the place... anyway on with it...


Irony: This week’s update tells me that heartburn is going to be a problem, and to lay off the spicy Mexican food with extra hotness. Funny... I’m writing this on my lunch break over two enchiladas with spicy chicken, green salsa, and all the fixings. I don’t expect to be able to give these things up, since we’ve now learned that Thing, or “Paco” as I call it in my head sometimes, is Mexican.

Agony: My new update also hit the nail on the head with the back pain. Now that the bulge is in full effect (I’ll get you a bumpdate soon), I waddle, arch my back, and get all kinds of aches and pains. The midwife suggested Dansko’s (those are those hideous clogs that nurses and chefs wear – sorry to insult you if you wear those and you’re not a nurse nor chef, but get over it I told you about my rocket and nature t-shirts.) So I am borrowing some frome a friend, but have yet to try them on. I intend to wear them at some point! Perhaps on some very dark day, when my back hurts very, very bad.


Skill: This week the baby can yawn and hiccup! And twist, roll, kick, punch, perform slapstick.... Just in time for the sonogram on Friday. Hopefully Thing will show off some tricks. Also, the nervous system is in full working order, so Thing is developing its 5 senses.

Uncomfortable comparison of the week: Thing is 5 ½” long and 5 ounces, similar to a boneless chicken breast. I'm just shaking my head at WTE right now.

The most exciting thing about week 18 though, is that it’s sonogram time! Three more days until we have all kinds of new information. STAY TUNED!


amy said…
omg i'm so happy you're going to find out the sex -- i don't underSTAND how people wait to find out!

i'm guessing it's a girl! lalallalalallalala

and YES baby bump update soon please!!
CH said…
I'M SO GLAD I MADE IT INTO YOUR BLOG FOR.... MY HIDEOUS CLOGS!!! HAHAHAHAA. Now... when your friend lends you something, and you have a fairly popular blog- you don't go on and on about how ugly and hideous they are....True though that the only reason I own them is that they were too small for my mom and so she gave them to me..... too funny.
n-mukai said…
And your mom is a NURSE! See? No harm no foul. Also, I'm sure I'll end up taking a shot at everyone I know at some point on this blog... Next bumpdate pic I'll wear the clogs OK?

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