Someone is eager

We just got back from a week in New York for family time, work (Nat), the holiday, Lucy's final first birthday party, and apartment hunting.  And we realized - we have no idea where we want to live.  We've narrowed it down to, oh about 10 towns, including NYC, Brooklyn, and various spots on Long Island.  We've got our work cut out for us!  Yes, we'll be busy and basically living in New York looking for apartments until we live in New York.

As we were packing up our bags before going to Long Island, someone heard "pack"...

I think you jumped the gun on that one just a little bit, Lucy.


mic said…
i will pack her in a suitcase and take her home with me. muahaha.

p.s. i know that fuzzy bunny book in the background!
aimee.s.s. said…
I'm in love with this picture.

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