34 weeks

Only six weeks left... (five if I have a c-section) and still there are changes. Baby F is now the weight of a cantaloupe and about 18 inches long, head to feet!

These fruit analogies make for many emotional trips through the produce isle... Last time we went to the grocery store, Nat turned around and I was gone. He found me bent down sobbing over a pineapple display. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. IT’S MY BABY.

Some of the changes I’ve noticed for week 34:
  • Baby F’s schedule is changing. Usually, her active time is in the evening – now all of a sudden she’s kicking me throughout the day and is more mellow in the evening, with a few hard kicks as I’m trying to go to sleep.

  • The pinching in my back is showing up again.

  • My rings are getting tighter.

  • I can’t sit upright in a chair because my body does not bend in an angle less than 135 degrees.

  • Since her feet are now resting on my bladder – wait resting? No, I mean riverdancing on my bladder, I feel like I have to pee 100% of the time. I have no idea if I actually have to pee or not, but I just keep trying in case she gets me at an inopportune time (26-years and counting for not peeing my pants). I think I will name this child Michael Flatley.
So yes, I’m suuuuuper pregnant. Every night, our apartment is a flurry of activity as we get ready for the baby. This weekend, Nat re-caulked the tub and repainted the bathroom. It looks so nice and new! Only a little more painting and the baby’s room is done (really this time) and then we can start SETTING UP! Expect pictures soon.

The baby shower was on Sunday, and it feels so real now having her stuff in the house. Most of the stuff is at my mom’s since our apartment is still in prep-mode, but I did take the car seat just in case she surprises us. The furniture is coming up with Nat’s parents this weekend, and I had to indulge an urge and buy her this Tea Rose Stripe Stokke Bassinet Bedding from Rosenberry Rooms:

I CANNOT WAIT to start setting up her little nest.


mic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
mic said…
had to delete my post because of an embarrasing typo.

anyway! you're too funny and I can't wait to see the baby's new room!

i vote for weekly bumpdates moving forward.
Lindsey said…
That bedding is beautiful. Did you get a round crib?
Nikki said…
Yes we did! That's actually the same crib that we ordered, but ours is a darker wood.
Lindsey said…
How exciting! I tried to convince my sister to get that, but she didn't do it.
sarasophia said…
Oh we LOVE our Stokke crib!! We have the walnut finish and I ended up splurging on the Dwell studio set in Garden.

It MAKES the entire nursery.

Can't wait to see pics of all you have done.

<3 sarasophia
Nikki said…
Aw so funny! We ordered our Stokke set in walnut and registered for the garden set for the crib. It's SO ADORABLE!

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