It was so cereal

When I was a kid, I drank way too much milk. So much so, that my parents had a rule that I couldn’t drink it before dinner because I’d get too full and wouldn’t eat. My fingernails were super strong, each strand of my hair like a rope, and I had never broken a bone. Total milk overload.

When I was 13, I had an ovarian cyst which was first diagnosed as lactose intolerance – so I had to take a few weeks away from dairy to see if the pain went away. It didn’t, but when I was allowed a glass of milk again... I hated it. The taste (and concept) freaked me out. I haven’t had milk anywhere but in coffee since 1994.

But now that I’m pregnant, I’m back on the juice. Still can’t do regular milk, but chocolate milk? AMAZING. And the best thing that comes with milk is CEREAL. Apparently, I have been living in the dark for 15 years. There are so many delicious healthy organic-food-isle choices with protein and fiber and everything, but the last time we were at the store, Nat convinced me to take a walk down the regular cereal isle, AKA memory lane.

Suddenly, I was having flashbacks:

My favorite cereal when I was a kid was LIFE (Mikey likes it!). Nat’s was KIX (kid tested, mother approved). We were born in the early 80s.

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Let's reminisce!


Beth in SF said…
My fave was and still is: Lucky Charms.

I actually have been lactose intolerant since I was 22 and I can only have milk (the lactose free stuff) on my cereal, so that's the only way I get any dairy. I'm also a big fan of Berry Berry Kix, Crispix and Honey Bunches of Oats.
dmbthree said…
Cheerios - How boring is that? We buy the ginormous box from Costco these days...
Nikki said…
I'm eating cheerios as we speak!
Meredith said…
Absolutely Kix. I buy them every week and maybe eat one or two bowls a day. Maybe.
Lindsey said…
Shredded wheat. No joke. Not the frosted stuff either. My father always had it and I loved it. I haven't had it in years. Now I am a lucky charms lover.

PS I love milk. I drink a huge 16 oz glass every night. If you love chocolate milk you should try ovaltine. Its my fave and its packed with vitamins!
CH said…
Weird, but my family bought Wheetabix..... the HUGE WHEAT PATTIES..... my mom would put one (or two if I was hungry) in a bowl with milk, then put a little honey on top. It becomes soggy quickly, which I heart..... awwwwww, Wheetabix! I actually was in the cereal aisle last night and saw MINIBIX!!! Mini versions! Amazing.
Nikki said…
k. mukai said…
milk makes me want to vom and one time when i was a kid, grammy poured me a bowl of cereal with DEAD MOTHS IN IT. womp womp
Nikki said…
Hahah I remember that. I was sitting across the table from you and it was so confusing to see cornflake-colored moths in your cornflakes.

Sorry cornflakes for ruining your brand with this image.
amy said…
i love all cereals, great and small.

but top 3?

captain crunch with berries
lucky charms
apple cinnamon cheerios

(cal, you also introduced me to a very delicious honorable mention: reese's peanut butter cereal. OMGZ!)

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