Week 34 1/2

Hey, Baby. Yea you. I know I usually talk to you outloud, but since you’ve continued to impress me with all you’re doing in there (the womb) - you know with all the kicking and somersaulting and hiccupping and stuff - I figured I’d write something down for you. Because maybe you have internet? Wifi is everywhere these days.

I have some alone time and all I can do is think about you getting here! Gran and Pop Pop were here this weekend helping us get your room ready, and me and Nat – I mean, your Dad – are going to start setting up your furniture tonight! You have all kinds of goodies here waiting for you, and having your stuff in the house makes your arrival feel imminent... Which is EXCITING and scary, and we are beside ourselves with happiness. Or insanity. Hapsanity... I don’t know if it’s the hapsanity or your feet on my bladder, but I suddenly have a strong urge to pee...

Dad is at the Sox/Mets game with his friend Jerry (the loud guy who comes over sometimes, you’ll meet him). We were going to go to the game as a family 2.5-some, but the weather is bad and Jerry wanted to go, so me and you are at home this afternoon. Don’t worry; I made Dad promise another game for us when I can comfortably sit in a small chair and you don’t have such an obstructed view. It’s win-win.

Oh the Red Sox? You’ll learn about them, too. Dad will be watching them on TV all the time, but if you want to watch SpongeBob or Dexter or A Clockwork Orange (hey, I don’t know what you're into) then the remote is yours. See that? We love you so much, we’ll forfeit the remote to you. THAT'S HUGE.

See you soon, Baby.


sarasophia said…
Oh. So sweet.

I remember writing all types of things down in my journal to "the lemon drop":)

<3 sarasophia
MacTaggart said…
you are adorable. that post just made me teary eyed... Can't wait to meet her!
Eileen said…
See how much your mommy loves you? Now how about doing a nice somersault for her. She built you a room (two, if you count the one you're in now). It's only fair.

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