Tomorrow I’ll enter my 33rd week of pregnancy – and because the produce theme is just so fun – I’ll tell you that Baby F is going from jicama to pineapple this week (she's 4 lbs and about 17-19 inches).

There have been a few more changes in the home stretch: My stomach is so extended that I have to stand a foot away from the sink and kill my back leaning over when trying to wash my face at night. My hands and feet feel achy and brittle. I wake up a few times per night with my stomach muscles clenched like a Charlie horse... is that Braxton Hicks? I get it at the same time as leg cramps and it's strong enough to wake me up, but once I feel it I can loosen the muscles and unclench, which makes me think it might not be BH since I don't think you can just decide to stop having the faux contractions. (If you can then yes, decision made, no more.)

For baby, I started getting this weird feeling about a week ago that can only be explained as a tiny drum. A few days later, Dooce tweeted about her baby's hiccup drum and I realized... of course, HICCUPS! And now that I know what it is, she gets them two or three times a day. My little drunky. The ever so elegant What To Expect web site also mentioned that Baby F is “becoming less transparent and more opaque”. Oh good, I’m glad she won’t come out looking like a hologram. Imagine how she would be teased.


amy said…
ahahah hologram baby ahahaha.

i think 'what to expect' needs to hire a new team of copywriters.

can't believe how close you are!! (and how jedi knight you are, controlling your contractions...)
Less transparent and more opaque lol. What a description.

The hiccups are so awesome! I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I kept feeling this rhythmic beat and was all "what is going on in there, baby?!" It took me four or five days to figure out that it was hiccups and even then, I only figured it out because someone else mentioned hiccups. Duh.

Wow, 33 weeks, it's so close!! YAY!
k. mukai said…
whoa! pineapples are huge!! i assume we're talking a pineapple without the big thing on top, right?

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