Friday mornings, then and now

I totally forget that most people stagger in to work on Fridays somewhat (or completely) hungover (or still drunk), especially when you work on a team of fun and urban 20- or 30-something ladies. I used to be one of those.

Well technically I still am “fun”, “urban”, and “20-something”, but let us first define FUN. A fun night for me is no longer happy hour turning into karaoke, turning into late night dinner at a new restaurant. “Fun” now is finding a red Netflix envelope in the mailbox so I can watch a whole DVD of Dexter episodes with a full mug of ice cream and waist-less pants.

The difference is alcohol.

Now, I come into work at 8:30 a.m. on a Friday all like HI TEAM!!!!! and they look at me all like FUCK YOU FAT LADY. And on top of it, I show up today wearing neon purple tye-dye, which means that every other minute when I get up to pee, a psychadelic billboard walks by sending everyone into the spins. A HANGOVER'S WORST NIGHTMARE, I AM.


MacTaggart said…
HAHHAHHAHA this was our whole convo this morning!!!
Nikki said…
Yes, and i'm glad i didnt honk at you when i saw you on your way in - i might have killed you, Hangover Harry.
Beth in SF said…
Haha I remember those days. When I was pregnant our friends came over to our house to hang out and got really drunk. I remember watching them and thinking, "Is that what I'm like when I'm drunk? God, I'm never drinking again." And yet I do again :)
amy said…
oh, sad. i'm so old and old -- i haven't had a hungover friday in like three years. and i'm not even pregsters.

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